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Special Events at Memorial!
(For additional information on any of these events, contact the church office at 334-7133 or e-mail:


This is a fun way to get members “new and old” to get to know each other better!  The idea is to sign up to participate in “4 Square Connect” where you will be expected to have some fun….that’s it!  Each 4 Square Connect session lasts for 4 months, Jan-Apr, May-Aug, Sept-Dec.  You will be randomly selected to be put  in a group with 3 other couples, singles, families or a mix of any of those! You and your group will determine a date in each month that all of you can get together and go out for supper, invite each other to your home, meet at the DQ or B&G, have coffee together after church, or whatever sounds fun! After 4 months, you can sign up for another 4 Square Connect session and meet more new friends, or you can sit out  a session and start up at another time. There may be times when not EVERYONE can make it work in a particular month, oh well, meet without them for a month! You don’t HAVE to go every month! Hopefully everyone will enjoy it so much that they will WANT to make it work! 
Please consider joining 4 Square Connect…it’s a great way to meet your church family!


FAM JAM -These are our Family Nights!
   Here's a chance for our children and families to gather together for some fun events!
     Watch for details on-line or at church. There may be sign-ups so that food and materials
                             can be planned. If you are interested in helping lead these or assist in any way, please see Liz. 





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