Memorial Lutheran Church

Memorial LIFE Groups
(Small Group Bible Studies)
Purpose of LIFE Groups:
To relationally connect people so they may grow and live hope filled expressions of faith in Jesus.
LIFE Groups —(Living In Faith Everyday)
are small groups of people that want to grow in God’s Word and in their faith of Jesus together. Pray together, serve together, reach out together and worship together. They can be groups of men, women, couples, families, or singles where connections can be made, relationships built and people encouraged and strengthened in their faith in Jesus.

LIFE Group Update—Our leaders met in April for a Huddle, a time to gather together to encourage and support the leaders of our groups. It was a good time and helpful to them. Dan and Liz Peters host a group for parents of elementary age children at their home. Check His Hands Central for more details on their group and all the others! We hope to soon have a sign-up process to help folks get involved. We are excited to help connect people together but most importantly to Jesus. 

 For more information, contact Liz Peters at 334-7133.

Check out the board at His Hands Central for groups and for more information.


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