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"For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edge sword, it  
 penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the
 thoughts and attitudes of the heart." Hebrews 4:12
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June 4: Life Flow

Flowing water provides a refreshing picture of life! Flowing water doesn’t become stagnant. Flowing water packs power.
When Jesus spoke about the work of the Holy Spirit, He used the image of flowing water streaming from the life of a believer. By His gifts, the Holy Spirit causes God’s people to overflow with words and actions that carry to one another and to others God’s words and promises of life.
By the Holy Spirit’s work in us, you are I are beloved children of God – believers in Jesus Christ! We overflow with the life God has given us The Holy Spirit is at work through us!

May 28: Greater Exposure.
        In the early 1500’s, 500 years ago, Martin Luther helped God’s people rediscover the greatest treasure of life found in the Word of God – namely, the clear message of God’s gift of forgiveness and life through Jesus. We need to daily rediscover God’s Good News as we live our lives in the year 2017. Too many distractions and deceptions in our world threaten to keep us from joyfully and freely living the forgiven life in Jesus Christ. In his book, “Reading Romans With Luther,” RJ Grunewald helps us walk together with Martin Luther as we listen to some of his teaching on the book of Romans, the letter which Luther calls “the purest Gospel.”
      Chap. 1 – “Exposed” – We often protect ourselves from having the actions, the thoughts, and the motives of our lives examined too closely. We hide certain parts of the story. We spin a revised version of the truth. We don’t want to look bad – but wind up suffering greatly when our unaccounted-for guilt nags at our hurting consciences. If we’re afraid of other people seeing the whole truth, how much more do we shudder at the thought of the whole picture being exposed to God Almighty?
        But what if we were to stop hiding? What if we would learn that we can be honest about those things we’ve been keeping a secret? What if we were exposed to an Almighty God who graciously declares us to be forgiven? . . . Then we would count the exposure as the greatest blessing in life!

May 21: Where's Jesus?
On the second of his missionary journeys, Paul entered Athens and found the city to be filled with many very religious people. There were many places dedicated for worship that the people apparently visited quite often. There were many religious ideas being talked back and forth by very interested folks. But there was something missing from their practice that made everything they said and did totally incomplete.
   Jesus was missing! The religion that was being practiced by the people had developed out of their own thoughts and ideas rather than on the revelation of God. But having spent some time observing his surroundings and talking with the people, Paul found an opportunity to introduce the truth of God’s revelation and the Good News of Jesus!

May 14: Caring, Sacrificing, Healing, Leading, So That . . .
      Sheep need to be cared for. They don’t do so well on their own. They need help finding the basic needs of life. They get lost. They easily walk into situations that get them in trouble. They readily follow influences that lead toward danger. They need a fully committed shepherd.
      As the Bible helps us see, we are like sheep. For many of the same kinds of reasons, we need a fully committed shepherd – and not just for our physical needs, but one who can provide what we need on our relationship with God, as well. That’s why we need Jesus as our Good Shepherd – the shepherd who heals, according to 1 Peter 2:24.
      Note well – the Shepherd doesn’t do the things He does so that He looks good as a shepherd. He does what He does SO THAT we the sheep have a life of purpose to live; “SO THAT we might die to sins and live for righteousness.”
      And since we’re thinking about Mothers’ Day, doesn’t this kind of shepherding help us understand the job description of a mom?

May 7: Gotta Share This Hope
   The apostle Peter, moved by God the Holy Spirit, wrote a letter of hope and encouragement to early Christians who faced many trials and even persecution for being disciples of Jesus Christ. It’s a letter that also addresses the huge need for hope that our world has today.
    Our hope comes in God’s announcement that we are His special people! Hope just has to get shared – this announcement is             a message for everyone to know about. We cannot help but “declare the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

April 30: Hope --- For 'New And Improved' Living
    The apostle Peter, moved by God the Holy Spirit, wrote a letter of hope and encouragement to early Christians who faced many trials and even persecution for being disciples of Jesus Christ. It’s a letter that also addresses the huge need for hope that our world has today.
    Our HOPE is firmly rooted in all that God has done. He’s loved us and has completed His love for us by saving us as His own special people. So, we know we can trust Him to lead us in ways that bring blessing for our lives. We therefore live in willing obedience to His will, understanding that obedience is a matter of living with confidence in what God has done and has promised.

April 23: Hope Understands Struggle
      The apostle Peter, moved by God the Holy Spirit, wrote a letter of hope and encouragement to early Christians who faced many trials and even persecution for being disciples of Jesus Christ. He spoke of hope as a gift of the resurrection! The need for this Easter gift hasn’t really changed over the years since Peter wrote this message.
      In today’s opening part of this 3-week series, our struggles are placed in perspective when we recognize the hope that is alive in us through our Lord Jesus Christ.

April 16: In Christ We Rise
    A great surprise greeted the women who went to Jesus’ tomb early on the Sunday morning following Jesus’ death – they found out that Jesus was alive! How could their lives ever be the same?

April 9: Why The Attitude?
Jesus would have every reason to be frustrated & upset. His entrance into Jerusalem seemed to go well enough, at least if one measures popularity as success. For the most part, people seemed quite happy to have Jesus be with them. But Jesus knew that much more was going on underneath the surface. The fact was that another force was quietly at work that would ultimately (and in a short time) lead to Him being put to death – and quite unfairly so. Could anyone possibly keep their composure under such circumstances?

April 2: The Final Word
Death appears to be our ultimate enemy. For all we can see, death is very final. But the One who has carried our sin on Himself has also made it clear that death is not the final word. Even after raising Lazarus, Jesus would soon die on the cross from the crushing weight of our sin. But His power to raise Lazarus demonstrated the power of God over death, period. We KNOW what awaits us on the other side of the cross . . . and on the other side of the grave!

March 26: Point To The Light
He wasn’t especially seeking all the attention He was getting, but it’s obvious that sooner or later the “spotlight” would be drawn to Jesus. This time He healed a man who was born blind – that really turned people’s eyes toward Him and caused a lot of folks to ask questions. No, He didn’t seek all the personal attention, but at the same time He could hardly help but be seen. He really didn’t even need to “step into the spotlight” for, as He acknowledged, He already is the true Light of the World. He is the Light who brings sight for all who are spiritually blinded by the darkness.

March 19: A Surprising Reach (audio not available)
When it comes to helping someone out, there are some people that seem easy to help. They’re friendly, humble, thankful, and very gracious. They’re not overly demanding. They probably just need a little helping hand and are likely to help themselves out along the way.Sure, I’ll carry their burden for a while. But what about when you run into someone who is just downright mean, nasty, and crude? There doesn’t appear to be any potential for this person to pick himself up in the future. You won’t even hear any mumbled words of thanks. Give an inch and you’ll get taken for a mile. Help him out and you’re likely to get fleeced.
Are you ready to carry this burden? The Sin Carrier is!

March 12: Out of Work - And It's Wonderful
We are God’s children – not because of our ability or strength to present ourselves as good enough before God. We are God’s children who believe and depend on the One who is able to bear our burden and be our “sin-carrier.” As Paul says to the Ephesians, “By grace we have been saved through faith – and this not from ourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast.”
To add another thought: When it comes to earning the right to be saved, we are “out of work.” It can be uncomfortable to ever say we’re “out of a job,” but in this case, it is best comfort we can get!

March 5: The Blame Game
“It’s not my fault!” – True or not true?
“It’s not HIS fault!” – What if the statement is said about Jesus? Is it true or not true?


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