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"For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edge sword, it  
 penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the
 thoughts and attitudes of the heart." Hebrews 4:12
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I AM The Resurrection And The Life - April 1 - Easter Sunday "Yes! A Resurrection, For Real!"
The Lord God who brought life into being at the dawn of creation speaks the promise of life once again. Jesus declares: “I AM the Resurrection and the Life!”
Each one of us, in one way or another, has experienced the “walk through the valley of the shadow of death.” Many things in this world that we think will make us feel so alive only wind up going the way of all things that die. Yet Jesus calls out the victory cry of Almighty God: “I AM the Resurrection and the Life! Whoever believes in Me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in Me will never die.”
Do you believe this?

Prepared For Being Emptied - March 25 "When Being Emptied Means Being Filled"
     When Jesus arrives at Jerusalem and is praised as the rescuing Son of David, one can hardly imagine this Hero being cruelly put to death on a cross in a few short days. But there was a lot of action taking place behind the scenes even as Jesus was welcomed by the Jerusalem crowds.
      There’s even more going on behind the scenes, however, than even those planning His death understood. What they didn’t realize was that their plans to strip this Prophet of His dignity would be ultimately used to bring about God’s plan to save all people. His being emptied would result in His glory and praise as the world’s Savior!

Christ The Servant - March 18 "The Servant Cup"
Maybe we’d find ourselves doing the same thing that James and John were doing. Their imaginations were running wild thinking about the potential benefits of being connected to One so powerful as Jesus. In fact, they even allowed themselves to play a game of comparison with the other disciples and asked Jesus if He could give them a special position of honor in His Kingdom.
Jesus’ response most likely brought a crushing blow to their ego – probably a necessary one. At the very least Jesus’ teaching which followed prepares all His disciples for the reality – and the beauty – of living as a believer in Jesus.

God Counters With Life - March 11 "Sounds Crazy, But You Can Trust What He Said"
God’s answers to life’s questions and struggles often come from a different angle than what might seem obvious to us. But you can trust what He does. After all, He’s the Author of Life!

God's Zeal For Us - March 4 "Hearts Being Refreshed"
      God so much desires for you and all people to know and trust His blessing! -
            He gives us His good words for us to live by (Ten Commandments in the O.T. Lesson);
            He empowers the message of His saving work for us on the cross (Epistle lesson);
            He zealously “fights for” a proper understanding of worship in our lives (Gospel Lesson).
      Today the Memorial team that went to Peru in January will share their perspective of God at work for the people they met in that country.

Life-Changing Love - February 25 "Welcoming The Change"
 Abram and Sarai were a couple who for the most part enjoyed the good things of life. To hear more of their story, however, would be to discover that there were some frustrations and hurts that were also part of the picture. For instance, the fact that they were not able to have children was a long-standing source of disappointment for them. But that was all about to change – a change that even was expressed in new names for this couple. They would be blessed with many descendants through their own son Isaac. And One of these descendants would become the means by which God would most clearly demonstrate His life-changing love.
        Can God bring about changes you need in your life?

Gifts From God For Growth - February 18 "Tried, Tempted; Taught To Trust"
What a crazy way to start a letter! The apostle James wrote a letter about everyday Christian life to his fellow believers and starts out with the seemingly naïve statement: “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds.”
Trials aren’t fun things. He’s referring to matters that make life difficult – that cause a person to wonder whether God really knows what’s going on or not. He’s talking about being ridiculed and even persecuted for professing faith in Jesus Christ, about being scared to even talk about Jesus anywhere, about being called to make difficult decisions that are consistent with living one’s life as a disciple of Jesus. Add to this list the temptations that come and threaten to bring spiritual ugliness and pain.
Pure joy. Right. But maybe we’d better listen in on God’s conversation with us through James.

Passing The Ministry Forward - February 11 "YOU Are A Key Part Of The Blessing"
“Passing the Ministry Forward.” This understanding is a core value for us as God’s people here at Memorial Lutheran Church. The calling to share the Word of God doesn’t depend on any one person alone. It didn’t stop with Moses – it got passed on to Joshua. It didn’t stop with Elijah, it was passed on to Elisha and those who followed him.
It’s strength always rests on Jesus – God Himself – who fulfilled all that needed to be done to rescue people by the forgiveness of sins. Yet even Jesus entrusted to His disciples, to Paul, and to the whole body of Christ the glorious ministry of sharing God’s Word, in order that all people might hear the Good News of God’s salvation!

God's Never-Give-Up Love - February 4 "He Just Doesn't Quit"
      When we really want something, we put our best effort together to try to go out and get it!
      If we really care about something, we give everything to make it the best it can be.
      What does it say about you that Jesus never stopped serving and giving of Himself for your sake?
      What does that say about Jesus?
                What an amazing God we have!

The Word Of God - January 28 "With Authority"
Other teachers of the day would parrot the same old fluff the people had heard time and again. Tired sermons based on the solid work people needed to do in order to keep God’s good graces. That all changed when a certain Rabbi Jesus came to town! He certainly taught the people like all other rabbis. But there was a clear difference with this teacher. Jesus taught them with authority. Almost as if He was intimately familiar with each topic. When He spoke of forgiveness, He was actually bringing forgiveness! When He spoke of the Reign of Heaven, His preaching really brought forth God’s Kingdom! When He cast out demons, demons came screaming out of their hosts. Jesus was new and better; He is God in the flesh!
Today we welcome Pastor Corey Aker, pastor of our Sioux Falls sister congregation, Faith Lutheran Church, to share God’s Word with us today.

Life In The Kingdom Of God - January 21 "Going Against The Flow"
Jesus’ coming to this world was the decisive turning point in world history (“the time has come”). With His coming, He ushered in the kingdom of God, a “going-against-the-flow” kingdom. His message of “repent and believe the good news of God” was a message to go against the flow. We repent and believe/go against the flow by first of all believing in Him in this world where people trust in so many other things; by taking responsibility and confessing our sins; and by fishing for men (witnessing).
We welcome Pastor Scott Sailer, our SD District President, to share God’s Word with us today.

Created To Serve - January 14 "Free To Serve God Withg Your Body"
        “I’m free to do anything I want!”
        Truth is, that statement is about as old as the hills (it sounds very much like a statement that was popular among the Greek people in Paul’s day. The people of Corinth liked to say “Everything is permissible for me”). It’s also a statement that has a certain element of truth in it…yet doesn’t very well understand the full picture of who we are as special creations of God.
        The apostle Paul addresses the topic when he speaks about the blessing of serving God with our bodies!

Come And Worship - January 7 "We Have Come To Worship Him"
The wise men (Magi) came to worship Jesus, offering Him costly gifts, as a response to what God had accomplished. Our worship, too, offering to God the fullness of our lives, comes as a response to what God has accomplished for your life.
Whenever we gather to worship, let us look to see the brightness of the hope God has established in us, the pure gift of Jesus’ own life, and the blessings of what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross. When we first see all that God has done in serving us, our worship can be understood a new and joyful way of living, offering our lives to serve God.




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