Memorial Lutheran Church

Ongoing  Studies: All are welcome to join in any of the listed studies.


      Sunday Mornings @ 9:20 am - Café Logos classroom – Various topics
 Thursday Mornings @ 9:00 am in Café Logos classroom–Various topics studied

             Sunday afternoons – various topics studied ~ Contact Pastor Aaron or Lisa.
   Various days and times - Memorial LIFE Groups (click here for more details)
                                                  (small group Bible Studies)


          Saturday Mornings @ 8:00 am – various topics studied ~ Contact Greg Miller

(339-4043) or Mike Gilbride (334-3384) held at Memorial

 Saturday Mornings @ 7:30 am – various topics studied ~
         Contact Bhrett 
Baney (332-7497) held at Memorial

*In addition to these regularly scheduled studies, there are many small groups and special Bible studies that are continually taking place. Please contact the office for dates/times/topics.

Online Studies:

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