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Health Ministry ~

  Health Ministry at Memorial is dedicated to
  promoting the wellness of body, spirit, and mind.
  The ministry team emphasizes the need to nourish
  and care for our bodies in ways that focus on
  wellness, disease prevention, and health

Health ministry at Memorial is dedicated to carrying out this mission by:
  • Providing health education on various subjects to be determined by congregational needs.
  • Teaching and supporting volunteers of the congregation as they carry out various supportive services.
  • Conducting home visits and providing nursing assessments as needed.
  • Serving as a communication link between community and members of the congregation by providing information on available resources and services for those in need
  As a congregation we are concerned about the wellness of those to whom we
  minister. Parish nursing involves caring for the physical and emotional needs of the
  person that often overshadow our spiritual needs.
  The Health Ministry maintains the Kiosk across from the Welcome Desk.
  Check out the current health information that the team has posted.
  We would love to have you be a part of our ministry. If you are interested in
  learning more or becoming a part of what we are doing you can contact Jan Noah
  or Cathy Miller at 334-7133.
 Blood Pressure                                               
                                                                                                          Healthy Tip:
 Blood Pressure screening is                                                            Walk around the block. Just
 available in the "Fish Bowl"                                                             one is fine. If it feels good, 
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